Please take a moment to review the list of LTPTA Committees and consider volunteering.  Your talents and interests can be put to good use in our schools.  It does make a difference to your children.  They see their education is important to you.  Your donation of time and energy helps your children value their learning experience.  Together, we can contribute to a positive, stimulating environment for our children.

8th Grade Dinner Dance

Help organize a semi-formal event to celebrate our graduating 8th graders.  Tasks include setting the date, choosing a venue, selecting a theme, planning the menu and coordinating entertainment. 

Socials and Open Gyms

Organize winter and spring dances in the Woodglen Cafeteria for our 7th and 8th grade students, which includes hiring a DJ, selling refreshments and chaperoning the event. Schedule the use of the school gym(s) for indoor basketball; create student sign-up and arrange for volunteers to chaperone.


Plant seasonal arrangements in the large pots in front of Valley View and Woodglen.  The arrangements are generally changed in time for Back to School Night (September), Winter Concert (December) and Spring Open House (May). 


The Nominating Committee should consist of 3 members and an alternate; members of this committee will solicit and identify nominees for any open officer roles. They evaluate all options and choose a qualified nominee for each position.

Book Fair:

The Scholastic Book Fair comes to Valley View and Woodglen in the Fall and Spring.  Committee volunteers help set up book displays and assist students in selecting and purchasing books.  Many different time slots available to suit your schedule.

Cultural Arts: 

Arrange for monthly cultural performances and events.  Coordinate with administrators from each school in the selection and dates of the events. 

Family Fun Events:

Help organize PTA-sponsored events encouraging community, friendship and family togetherness including movie night, bowling, roller skating, ice skating, miniature golf and other great family events. 

Fourth Grade Farewell:

Help organize a fun day of celebration for the children moving up to Woodglen.  Help with theme selection, activities, food, etc.


Coordinate and manage the annual fundraiser to support PTA-sponsored programs, events and activities.  The LTPTA has moved away from merchandise fundraisers in favor of event-based fundraisers.  We alternate schools each year.  We've had huge success with Boosterthon Fun Run at Valley View and the Don8 Zone Color Run at Woodglen.

Holiday Shop:

The Holiday Shop is a week-long program that makes it possible for our students to experience the joy of giving.  Volunteers set up the Holiday Shop, inventory merchandise, place re-orders and supervise shopping.  They help children choose the perfect gift(s) for family and friends.

Box Tops for Education: 

Coordinate collection and submission of BoxTops for Education to earn money for our schools.

Scholarship Fund: 

Review and select scholarship applications from Voorhees High School seniors who graduated from Lebanon Township School District.

Staff Appreciation: 

To show our staff how much we appreciate them, we take one week a year and stuff them full of goodies.  Help with food, themes, donations, decorations and clean up. 

Talent Show: 

Help our children showcase their talents in this hugely popular show.  Volunteers help students with their acts during rehearsals, and assist with ticket sales, concession booth and flower sales. 

Theater Program:

The LTPTA Theater Program has been offered for more than 15 years and has proved to be a popular and fun-filled event.  The fall production is open to WG students in grades 5 & 6.  The spring production is open to VV students in grades 2-4.  Each program includes several weeks of supervised dramatics instruction (acting, singing, dancing, etc.) as well as costume and prop-making.

Valley View Garden:

Volunteers maintain the garden and manage new projects in coordination with Valley View staff.